Sports Liability Insurance

Every year millions of people in the United Kingdom participate and enjoy a variety of sport and leisure activities, some even to the point of it becoming a compulsion.

During this time many become part of the thousands of Clubs that bring like minded people together to participate in their favourite activity, pastime or sport.

Such Clubs will have an Organising Committee, or similar, whose responsibilities can be far reaching and the members of those Committees must consider the consequences should disaster strike and they be found liable.

World events have forced many major providers of Liability insurance to rethink their position and as a consequence, this category of insurance cover can be difficult to find and then afford.

All such clubs will have an organised Committee structure or similar and their responsibilities will be far reaching. The members of the committees must consider many things connected with the whole organisation they help to run and thus any consequences that may happen if disaster strikes, with any resultant liability from incidents and accidents being high on their agenda.

MEAD Sport and Leisure Ltd recognise that this situation will leave hundreds of Club Secretaries and Treasurers very concerned as to whether they could be sued by anyone involved should an incident occur.  Public Liability insurance cover remains. Public Liability insurance cover remains a constituent part of a lease or hire contract needed for the activity, pastime or sport to take place. It should also be recognised that without Public Liability insurance, individual Officers of Clubs can be rendered personally liable in the event of a Court award being made as a result of injury or damage.

Specialising in providing Liability insurance customised for the many varied Clubs and their Members, enables MEAD Sport and Leisure Limited to provide PUBLIC, PERSONAL and EMPLOYERS Liability insurance at very affordable rates. Our cover is Underwritten by one of the worlds leading insurers in this field – AXA XL.

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