Fish Stock Insurance

MEAD Sport and Leisure Limited is delighted to be working with Sunderland Marine, a specialist Aquaculture, Marine Hull and Liability Insurer operating Worldwide, to provide First Loss Fish Stock insurance

Fishery Owners can select the financial level of cover they require whether it be one hundred percent of the value of their Stock or part thereof.

Subject to further details and an acceptable Proposal Form you could pay as little as £420.00 plus the Tax for cover up to £12,000 being the amount selected out of a total value of your stock of £200,000.

The insurance is available to all trout and coarse fishing still waters plus ornamental lakes and each enquiry will be subject to a risk management review.

Initial application should be made by completing our Online Proposal Form and in normal circumstance a quotation will be issued within 72 working hours albeit that, sometimes, additional information may be required.

For expert assistance whilst completing the Form and to ask any other questions please speak initially to the Fishery technicians at Sunderland Marine on 0191 2325221 or email in both cases quoting MEADFISH17.

This new Fish Stock Insurance works well in tandem with the MEAD bespoke Combined Liability, Buildings, Plant and Equipment, Business Interruption and Money, insurance package for UK Fisheries, which has proved to be so popular with all those involved in the management of angling over the past decade.

Indemnity Scale

Please refer to the indemnity scale below where appropriate when completing this proposal.

SpeciesWeight RangeValue per lb (GBP)
All General Coarse Fish£5.00 per lb
Common & Mirror CarpUp to 10 lb, Over 10 lb, Over 15 lb, Over 20 lb, 25 lb Plus£5.00 per lb, £12.00 per lb, £16.00 per lb, £22.00 per lb, £1.00 per 1lb/lb
Ghost Carp£5.00 per lb
Crucian Carp£5.00 per lb
Roach£5.00 per lb
Perch£5.00 per lb
Gudgeon£0.55 per fish
Barbel£8.00 per lb
Ide/Orfe£7.00 per lb
Tench£7.00 per lb
Rudd£5.00 per lb
Bream£6.50 per lb
Pike£5.50 per lb
Chub£8.00 per lb
Grass Carp£7.50 per lb
Catfish (Wels)Over 3 lb, Over 10 lb, Over 15 lb, Over 20 lb£14.00 per lb, £17.00 per lb, £20.00 per lb, £24.00 per lb